Registration Procedure

Procedure for MHT-CET-2018 Registration for payment through State Bank of India branches

A candidate has to first register for MHT-CET-2018 at and only then he / she can make the payment at the branches of SBI.

  1. MHT-CET-2018 Registration : In order to register online for MHT-CET, the candidate has to visit the website and click “MHT-CET-2018 Registration”. The MHT-CET-2018 Registration page opens up wherein he/she has to fill-in the online form. The information to be provided includes personal details and uploading of your recent colour passport size photograph and signature.

  2. Complete Form : The candidate will be prompted to enter his/her valid email id, mobile No. and a password on the first login. All these three must be carefully noted and retained by the candidate for all future correspondence with MHT-CET Office, downloading MHT-CET Admit card etc. at
    The candidate continues and completes his / her education details.


    Please note that all the applicants are required to upload their scanned(digital) recent colour photograph and signature and the file size of each of the Photograph and Signature should not be more than *50 KB per file. The online application system will not allow to upload files larger than 50 KB. All Candidates have to upload his / her Photograph and Signature only in “Jpeg” format and file name of Photograph and signature should preferably be photo.jpeg and sign.jpeg respectively.

    For Uploading photograph

    • Take your recent colour passport size photograph digitally. The picture should be taken against a light/white background. In case the face on the photograph is not clear , your application is liable to be rejected.

    • File size of the Photograph should not be more than 50 KB per file, otherwise it will not be allowed by the System to upload.

    • To reduce the size, crop the image of the passport size photograph in MS Paint or any other Photo Editor.

    • Please ensure that only the full face portion is cropped and not the entire photograph.

    For Uploading Signature

    • The candidate himself/herself should sign( no capital letters) on a white paper with a black ink pen.

    • Scan the signature in 200 dpi( dots per inch) scanner resolution settings and the file size should be less than 50 KB in jpeg format.

    • To reduce the size, crop the image of the signature in MS Paint or any other Photo Editor. Please ensure that only the signature portion is cropped and not the entire A4 paper on which you have signed.

    Once the photograph and signature files are uploaded by the candidate successfully, the system will show on the screen the Photograph and Signature that has been uploaded. If these have been correctly uploaded, you should now proceed further to generate the bank challan for the payment through ‘State Bank of India’.

    How to ensure that the Photograph and Signature are within 50 KB per file?

    • Should you have a digital or scanned photograph and signature, please open the same in MS Paint by right clicking the photographs
    • Press Ctrl + W ,a window will open which will have an option ‘resize by %’. Here enter anything between 10 to 50% and save the file with an extension .jpeg.
    • Check for the size of the file in ‘properties’. If the file size is still higher than 50 KB, once again open in paint and resize it to bring it down to less than 50KB.
    • Repeat this process till the file size is less than 50 KB.

    Save this file with the file Name as mentioned above as photo.jpeg and sign.jpeg

  4. Download MHT-CET-2018 Bank Challan : Next, the candidate has to download and print the MHT-CET bank challan on an A4 size paper on a single page. Please adjust your printer settings suitably to take the print on an A4 size paper. The bank challan will have the MHT-CET-2018 Registration No., Name of the candidate, Date of Birth and date of registration printed on it. The printed bank challan is in two parts. You have to take this bank challan to the SBI branch.

  5. Go to SBI Branch :The candidate has to take this printed MHT-CET Bank challan to any of the SBI branches( to make the payment after 48hrs of registration. On tenderingRs 800.00 + Rs 60.00 Bank Commission for Open Candidates and Rs 600.00 + Rs 60.00 Bank Commission for Reservation Category Candidates. This amount is not refundable (being MHT-CET fees). On making the payment in cash, the bank will enter the date of payment, Journal No/Bank Transaction ID, Branch Name & Code and put a bank seal on each part of the bank challan. The bank will retain the Bank’s copy of the bank challan with them and return the rest of the bank challan to the candidate. The said amount is not refundable.

  6. Complete Form : The candidate visits and logs in MHT-CET-2018 registration using his/her MHT-CET-2018 Registration No and password after 24 hours of making the payment and confirms if the Bank transaction ID No. and date of payment have been updated. If it has been, click on the generate MHT-CET Confirmation Page. A Confirmation Page will open up. Please save this and also take a print out of the same. This completes the Registration process.

  7. Keeping a copy of MHT-CET-2018 Registration No. & Password : The candidate is advised to keep a copy of the Bank challan, MHT-CET-2018 Registration Confirmation Page printout and note the MHT-CET-2018 Registration No. and password for all future correspondence with MHT-CET Office.

  8. Download Admit Card : For Admit Card, the candidate has to visit our website any time between 25th April 2018 to 04th May 2018 and take a print out of the same where your MHT-CET-2018 Roll No., the address of the test centre will be mentioned.

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